SMC Catechism classes are conducted to give formation in the Catholic faith to the children of our Parish. It's a divine opportunity for our children to have religious education in our Malayalee tradition and culture.

The classes are available in 12 levels suitable for children up to the 12th grade (from six years upwards) and meet every Sunday throughout the year at following places.

Meidling: 10:45 hrs (Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Tivoligasse 20, 1120 Vienna)

Saikogasse: 16:00 hrs (Pfarre Auferstehung Christi, Saikogasse 8, 1220 Vienna)

Our Catechism classes established in the year 2001 with 15 children in Stadlau SMZ Chappell. Year to year the number of children were increasing enormously. Due to space allocation problem for dividing the children in different classes, we had to find other facilities. In 2003 we moved to the Stadlau church and we were allowed to use the entire basement area for catechism classes. We started Catechism classes at the same time in Meidling church also. After they closed the Stadtlau church, we started another center in the church Auferstehung Christi in Saikogasse in the year 2018.

Since 2005 September we follow the Catechism lessons based on the text published by The Synodal Commission for Catechesis, Syro-Malabar Catechetical Centre, Cochin. Now we have many dedicated students in both units and 22 total permanent teachers and 5 substitute teachers in Meidling Unit and 2 in Saikogasse.

The catechism classes begin with a common prayer of children in the church and move to their own classes. We have introduced semester examinations (January and June) in 2007 and we are still continuing this. As a motivation to the children, they will be awarded First and Second Prizes for highest mark and maximum attendance on the first day of the new academic year. One day Teachers seminar has introduced in March 2010 and planned to continue every year.

We are very thankful to Fr. Dr. Thomas Thandapally CST, SMC Chaplain, and our Assistant Chaplain Fr. Wilson Mecheril MCBS for their great leadership and advises to this institution. The community is also thankful to the teachers for their sincere dedication and sacrifice to our young generation for their spiritual awareness and growth. Since 2010-11 Academic year, we gave chances to Youth Teachers to teach catechism in both centers.

Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
18 02 06 04 01* 05* 05 02* 07 04
25 09* 13 11* 08 12 12 09* 14 11 Exam
16 20 18 15 19 19 16 21* 18
23* 27 25 22 Exam 26 26 23 28*
30 29 30

Oct. 23: Jubilee
Dec. 11: Carol
Dec. 25, Jan.01: Christmas holidays
Jan. 22: Exam
Feb. 05: Sem.Vacation
Apr. 2: Palm Sunday
Apr. 9: Easter; May 21: First Holy Communion
May 28: Confirmation
June 11: Exam

Parents please note the following

  1. Please bring your child regularly on time.
  2. The Catechism students will be awarded Ist and IInd prizes on a merit basis and full attendance at the end of each academic year.
  3. Attendance will take after the Assembly, when the children are in the class.
  4. Oral examinations will be conducted for Level 3 and upwards . In case of absence the children will be given other chances to attend the examination.
  5. Confession for Children will be arranged before Easter. During Christmas time the children have to find a suitable place for their confession.
  6. On successful completion of 12 levels, a Certificate of Merit will be issued.

For more details and registration please contact Mrs. Daisy Alany or Mr. Boban Kalapurackal, SMC Catechism Committee representatives,

Daisy Alany

Tel. +4369919242335

Boban Kalapurackal

Tel. +4369917287100