Kairali Nikethan School

Our school's mission is to help and facilitate a direct orientation towards the linguistic and cultural needs of the expatriate Malayalee children living in Vienna. The school encourages building a learning relationship with the Malayalam language, while supporting the wholesome development of a child through traditional and contemporary dances, intellectual games, and sporting activities.

Kairali Niethan was established in 1993 under the auspices of Syro Malabar Catholic Community in Austria (previously known as ICC Vienna) with the aim of promoting the linguistic heritage and Indian dance forms in an unswerving manner to the Malayalee children in Vienna.

Children aged between 5 to 15 can attend 3 hours of classes under the different tutored modules. Every year, there will be some variations in the introduction of programs as per the availability of teachers and students. However, teaching of the Malayalam language remains predominantly as the focus of the school.

The school organizes many events such as Christmas and Easter celebrations, annual days, competitions, and excursions etc. for our students to spend a meaningful and lasting time at the school apart from their normal training.

General Information

School Hours

Saturdays: 14:00 PM to 17:00 PM



Fr. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST

Fr. Wilson Mecheril MCBS

Contact Information

Mr. Ebby Kurian
School Coordinator
Tel.: +43 660 520 41 81
Email: ebbykurian@gmx.at


Franklinstra├če 26,
1210 Wien

Location of Franklinstra├če